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Teams 12/08/2017

A Duel of Strategists: Team Captains

As Europe is set to battle the United States, each team is led by a strategist with a long history of success, but coincidentally, Robert Ridland (USA) and Philippe Guerdat (EUR) have many things in common. Close in age, 67 and 66 respectively, both have represented their countries, the United States and Switzerland as international riders. In 2013, both were nominated with the distinguished honor as chef d’equipe . In this capacity they met at the last two world events, the World Equestrian Games in Caen and the Rio Olympic Games and while the competition was extremely close at three medals each, the French team emerged victorious in every event. 

Will the spirit of revenge light a fire under the American team?

Follow the Longines Masters of Paris, Saturday, December 2, 2017, when the first round of this historic Riders Masters Cup duel takes place. It is sure to be electrifying.

Philippe Guerdat prizes as trainer 

WEG 2010 : Bronze medallist with Belgian team

European Championships :Individual gold for Roger-Yves Bost (2013)
• Individual bronze for Simon Delestre (2015)

WEG 2014: • Individual Silver for Patrice Delaveau
• Silver by team

Olympic Games 2016: Gold by team

Robert Ridland prizes as trainer 

WEG 2014: • Individual bronze for Beezie Madden
• Bronze by team

2015 Pan American Games: 
• Individual gold for McLain Ward
• Individual bronze for Lauren Hough
• Bronze by team

Olympic Games 2016: Silver by team

Ridland: 1 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze = 6 medals - Guerdat: 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze = 6 medals

Who will win?
It is a perfect match but Philippe Guerdat has a small advantage because he has won a gold medal and one more silver than Robert Ridland. He also led France to the victory  at the Cup of Nations in Barcelona in 2013 which the United States has not won since 2005. this was before the era of RidlandFor this first Riders Masters Cup, Guerdat will have the advantage of home field and will be able to "draw" his team from Europe. Among them will be members of the Olympic team as well as World and European champions Ridland will work with a team and staff that he is already familiar with. The match will be very tight! Game on!