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Sport 11/10/2019

Less than 2 months before the 5th edition of the Riders Masters Cup!

A real transatlantic battle between the #RIDERSUSA and #RIDERSEUROPE teams, the famous Riders Masters Cup returns to Paris on Friday, December 6, 2019, for its 5th edition. After a 5* event filled with maximum height obstacles, which gathers together the best horses and riders in the world, a big challenge awaits the Chefs d’équipe on the Friday evening of the Longines Masters of Paris, as the #RIDERSUSA team take on the #RIDERSEUROPE team, who they, in four editions, have not yet managed to beat.

To celebrate the victorious team of this edition of the Riders Masters Cup, singer Suzane will ignite the dancefloor at midnight and put on a more than electrifying after-party for the public.



In line with major global sporting challenges: Launched in December 2017, in Paris, the Riders Masters Cup, from the outset, has taken on the dimension of a major intercontinental sporting challenge. Ultimately, this event should evoke those anthological battles between continents such as the America’s Cup in sailing, the Ryder Cup in golf or the Davis and Fed Cups in tennis. Of course, for the time being, the Riders Masters Cup is writing its first lines of history, but right from the first four editions, the event has fascinated audiences in Paris and New York.

A match-up between the two world powers of show jumping: Whether it’s during the history of this sport or during the past season, Europe and the United States have always shared most of the major team titles: whether it be the Olympic Games, the World Championships or the Nations Cup finals. While the United States won the World Equestrian Games Championship in Tryon (USA) last year, the Old Continent immediately took its revenge in Barcelona with a 100% European podium (Belgium, France and Ireland). The Riders Masters Cup, created in 2016 by EEM and EEF (the European Equestrian Federation), elevates this incessant battle between the two equestrian powers.

The team composition is entrusted to two accomplished Chefs d’équipe: The team selections for the 5th edition of the competition will be announced very soon. The Chefs d’équipe announce their short-lists about a month before the event, while the final team of five riders, including one under 25 years of age, is announced the day before the event. But the Chef d’équipe’s role goes far beyond just selection alone. They also have to be a tactician, choosing their riders’ starting order, then, depending on the results of the first round, the winning coach can choose which combination will line up first, and may even change out his riders’ horses.

A very simple concept and rules: A draw designates the composition of the first five duels. In the first round (timed Table A), the winning competitor scores 10 points for their team, and the defeated competitor, if they have completed their course, will score 5 points. At half-time - the end of the first round - the Chefs d’équipe recompose the dueling combinations, with the team temporarily in the lead benefiting from first choice rights. This time, in the second round (Table C - with just 3 seconds from a knocked rail added to time), the winners score 20 points, the losers 10. These are clear and immediately readable duels, with the real time score displayed on an LED scoreboard just as in a basketball game or football match. For the spectators, it is therefore easy to get caught up in the game: they become team supporters, loudly encouraging their riders and waving their flags... #WaveYourFlag!