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Team captain Europe

Philippe Guerdat

"I'm the father of an olympic rider and now I won with the French team!"

  • NationalitySwiss
  • Age6721/04/1952
  • Height1.72m
  • Astrological signTaurus


Philippe Guerdat, the Swiss show jumping coach, took over the French team in 2013 following the unfavorable French performance at the London Olympics, succeeding Dutchman, Henk Nooren. Guerdat,  unlike his opponent, Robert Ridland arrived in France withsome experience coaching a national team. He had already led Spain for three years (2003-2006),  and the Ukrainian team (4th of the 2006 JEM) until the summer of 2008.

In 2010, he coached Belgium's Super League earning a bronze medal at the Lexington World Championship (USA) as well as qualifying for the London 2012 Olympic Games. But in 2013, the French Federation took the Super League away from Belgium.

The rules of the Riders Masters Cup stipulate that the coach of the gold medal team in the the last championship (JO, JEM, or Championship of Europe) will be designated the strategist of the European Team.  That aside, Guerdat incredible profile and immense experience make him the perfect candidate to  coach the European team.

Philippe Guerdat, beyond being an accomplished Chef d’Equipe for multiple teams, was an accomplished rider earning two medals in the European championships, 5th place (team) at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 and 7th place in Seoul 1988. Phillipe is  father to Rider, Steve Guerdat (Switzerland), triple winner of the World Cup and an Olympic Individual  Gold Medalist in London 2012. 

People also know the Guerdat name because of his son, Steve, who is a triple-winner of the World Cup and Olympic Champion in 2012. Philippe himself is well known on the international tracks with two medals in the European Championship, 5th place as a team at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games, and 7th in Seoul in 1988 and Stockholm YMJ in 1990.

Prize list

WEG 2010 
• Belgian team bronze medal

Europeans Championships 
• Individual gold medal for Roger-Yves Bost (2013)
• Individual bronze medal pour Simon Delestre (2015) 

WEG 2014 
• Individual silver medal for Patrice Delaveau 
• Team silver medal 

Jeux Olympiques 2016 
• Team gold medallist